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A Brief History of Grace

Celebrating 53 Years of Grace Lutheran Church's Ministry in Yorktown, New York

Dec 2017 Pastor Chris Chantelau begins his ministry at Grace
Nov 2017 Service of GodSpeed for Pastor Susan and Andy Nagle
May 2016 Committee to call new Pastor established
Nov. 2015 Interim Pastor Susan Nagle Arrives
Oct. 2015 Pastor Emeritus Timothy Kennedy retires after 38 years
Sept. 2006 We burn our mortgage on the new Church!
Dec. 2003 First service held in our new sanctuary.
Dec. 2001 New Educational/Administrative wing dedicated.
Oct. 2000 Groundbreaking on our current Church.
Mar. 1997 Building program initiated with God’s will.
Sept. 1996 Vicar Owen Griffiths installed for one year term.
Sept. 1995 Vicar Pam Wellons installed for one year term.
May 1983 Dedication of our first Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall – now replaced by the current Church.
Jan. 1978 Pastor Timothy Kennedy begins his ministry at Grace
Dec. 1972 Pastor Ronald Gadde begins his ministry at Grace.
July 1969 Pastor Jeffrey Burnoski begins his ministry at Grace.
Sept. 1967 Groundbreaking on first Sanctuary.
Sept. 1964 First Grace worship service held in a store front.
Feb. 1964 Pastor Albert Haversat begins a mission to start a Lutheran Congregation in Jefferson Valley.